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COVID-19: Cases rise to 415; most of India under lockdown


Gujarat, Bihar and Maharashtra reported a death each on Sunday. Four fatalities were reported earlier from Karnataka, Delhi, Maharashtra and Punjab, the ministry said. The 415 figure also includes 24 people who have been cured, discharged or migrated.

COVID cases in India rose to 415, Union health ministry said as much of the country locked down on Monday with the Centre warning of legal action against those violating the restrictions enforced to curtail the pandemic, which has claimed more than 14,500 lives globally.

Punjab on Monday became the first in the country to impose curfew in the entire state with no relaxations and only exempted essential services to prevent the infection, which has killed seven people in the country.

people don’t knowing what to do and how to do they only think about to save their life as the admin of this website pray to god that nobody would get infected with this ”covid19” please guys be safe and follow the instruction of goverment until furthur notice